Our Story
Greetings to the Barnes-Gainer Family, 

        This has been like a roller coaster ride for me. We are beginning our third family reunion and what started out as something small and simple has turned into one big gathering that I pray will continue on.
        I remember growing up surrounded by family, however as I got older our family relocated across the United States and even around the world! 
It seemed the only time we all came together was for the homegoing of a dearly departed relative.  It wasn't until my grandmother Rebecca Barnes died in 1990 that it really struck me that some many relatives have traveled far and near for her homegoing (many of which I hadn’t seen in ages.) “Why can't we get together without there being a funeral?” So I kept the idea in the back of my mind. “Wouldn't it be great to have a family reunion?”
Well, the thought would not leave me alone, so before my Uncle Nathaniel Barnes died, we were talking and he said, " you know they will not come".I said well if they come great and if they do not okay. Then at my home my Uncle Amos was visiting from Michigan, and my two cousins Jackie and Patricia and me all sat down and I told them of my plans for a reunion. They seemed skeptical. I figured we’d start now or our family would never have one. That was in summer 2003. So I put my plan into action and in June 2004 we had our first family reunion!  Also Cousin Ada Gainer constantly called to ask what she could do to help while making her own reunion suggestions. I wanted to keep our gathering sort of small to see if they would come. Well Praise God they all came and so it is on now!!!  I was totally speechless at the first reunion because I had no idea so many wanted a reunion. Just goes to show if you truly believe and have mustard seed faith what can happen.
    So Barnes-Gainer Family, I salute you and praise you for all your support,prayers , love, and time.  When a family comes together things do happen.
      Also I have to give thanks to my other half Dan for all his help. His paternal and maternal biennial family reunions truly inspired me. 
Thank God for allowing Ada, Frank, Shirley and Kiarra to attend our first family reunion because shortly thereafter they all passed away.

In closing my I say I LOVE EACH and EVERYONE OF YOU. 
May God bless the Barnes-Gainer Family.

Beverly Gail  

Our Story, Our Reunion